Shiatsu literally means "finger pressure" it uses the principles of Traditional Chinese Medicine to diagnose the underlying causes of a particular symptom and then uses finger pressure and massage along channels of energy running through the body which are related to each organ in the body and it's function.

It uses two of our most fundamental experiences: the free flow of energy in the body and empathic touch to allow the nervous system to relax and foster the body's own healing resources. Shiatsu can be used on a number of conditions including back pain, digestive problems, neck and shoulder tension, postural problems and psychological issues such as depression.

We also recommend shiatsu for relaxation and well-being, as the old Chinese proverb says "Only getting treatment when you are ill is like digging a well when you feel thirsty".

To book your shiatsu session in one of our clinics, your home or office, ring us on 020 7183 3552

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