Facial Rejuvenation Massage

Facial rejuvenation massage is a safe and effective method of tightening facial muscles and rejuvenating imbalanced skin. Facial Rejuvenation Massage fuses facial reflexology and facial acupressure to stimulate the muscles and meridians of the face which is beneficial to your overall health and appearance. The massage is a relaxing and natural treatment for fine lines, wrinkles and imbalanced skin. It increases the firmness and tone of your facial muscles by gently stimulating and stretching them. It also boosts blood flow to the facial area, which detoxifies the skin and allow for the body to get rid of puffiness and swelling caused by water retention, stress or lack of sleep. The treatment also includes and neck and shoulder massage to help drain away stress and tension from the body.

Facial rejuvenation massage also boosts your general health and well being as it is believed that different areas of the face correspond to different organs of the body and by stimulating these areas, we can strengthen the corresponding organs. We can also focus on specific problem areas such as lines around the eyes or mouth.

During the treatment I would be using a blend of non comedogenic natural oils and balms to massage your facial skin. These oils work by penetrating into the layers of the skin to boost collagen production, nourish skin cells and correct oil production imbalances.

What are the benefits of facial Rejuvenation massage?
  • Lymphatic drainage of toxins held in the skin
  • Corsets muscle imbalance caused by habitual facial expressions
  • Smooths fine lines and wrinkles
  • Brightens the eye area
  • Boosts blood flow to dull, dry skin , leaving it nourished and radiant
  • The use of natural oils an balms also work to balance Oil production
  • It is a relaxing treatment
  • It is great for skin that is no longer responding to topical treatments
  • Detoxifies the Facial skin
Who would benefit from Facial Rejuvenation Massage?

This treatment especially beneficial for those with fine lines, frown lines, scarring, large pores , marks, uneven skin tone or those who want to naturally enhance their appearance and tone up sagging facial muscles.

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What is the course of treatment for Facial Rejuvenation Massage?

Generally, it consists of a course of 6 treatments. The effects become most noticeable and lasting on or about the third session. It is best to follow up the sessions with a Self massages at home which i can teach you. Keeping well hydrated by drinking lots of water and eating a healthy diet will improve general appearance of the skin. Using facial oils suitable to your skin type will also have an astounding effect on the appearance and texture of your skin.


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