Five Element Acupuncture

Five Element acupuncture, also known as Classical acupuncture, differs from TCM in that it focuses less upon symptoms and more upon the person as a whole. This is a much more subtle system of medicine, and the practitioner bases treatment upon a sense of energetic resonance that is experienced during interaction with the patient. In this way, healing is directed to the core energy of the body.

Five Element philosophy sees each one of us as a tiny microcosm of the Universe and, as such, subject to all the energetic forces of nature. The rhythmic cycles that we observe in the changing of the seasons all manifest within each of us, and deeply affect our mind, body and spirit, which are seen as inseparable.

The Elements are Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal and Water. By identifying which Element is out of balance, and by nourishing that Element through treatment, we are able to enhance our special gifts in life and to cope better with emotions such as grief, fear and anger. Consequently, as our mind and bodies come into balance, our bodies will heal.

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