Acupuncture for Women

PROBLEMS AROUND PERIODS ETC. I.E. Painful Periods, Missing Periods, Long and/or Heavy Periods, PMT and Fertility Issues.

Acupuncture is a fine therapy for all these conditions. As an acupuncturist I must say there are no guarantees, as there are none for any form of medicine. But I will say that the side effects of acupuncture - like being more relaxed, sleeping better are much nicer that the side effects of most medications. It is worth a try.

The following describes someone I worked with and found great improvement - every month periods were very painful or not just painful, excruciating! With a painful lead up, to heavy periods which were also painful and could last up to 8 days, during which sometimes there was nauseous feeling and little appetite.

Afterward, unsurprisingly - completely washed out. Taking a lot of painkillers, which have knock on effects - like constipation and feeling even more groggy in the mornings.

This had been going on a long time. There was a stressful job, managing a difficult team. Her instinct was that stress at work and period problems are linked. There have been medical investigations though they said there is some endometriosis, they also say it's very little! At this stage you don't really want to go through the next procedure they have in mind, until you have explored other options.

How awful, to feel bad so much of the time and it must be really hard to work! Hard to concentrate. I will also bet that there isn't much energy or time left to do the other things you really love or enjoy life.

This is so familiar - I hear that there is probably a vicious cycle going on between stress at work, which goes to make you feel more anxious and tense causing your energy to be blocked and held, which in turn causes pain. Then, because of the pain and duration of discomfort in your cycle your energy gets low, so that you cope less well with the stress - and around and around you go.

I often think that the acupuncturist's job is putting a spoke into vicious cycles like this, so that your energy (and so your health) can come back into balance. A course of treatment would have a plan especially for your needs. Without knowing a lot more about you and your whole health and emotion picture I can't say too much that is personally tailored to you.

Generally though acupuncturists will talk about energy "Stagnation", a horrible word but the right one. When our energy is stuck or stagnant, pain often results. Stress blocks and depletes your energy too. This is also a cause of PMT.

So take some time to relax. What do you do that helps de- stress you? Make sure you move more, especially prior to your period - walk every day, get off the bus a stop or two earlier and get out at lunch time if you can. With a course of acupuncture we would gear each session specifically to you and where you are in your cycle. Aiming at moving the energy and building blood and Chi. Initially it is possible that treatment will probably make you feel tired as you let go, but gradually as things will balance.

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