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After a week of poor sleep due to an achy back and neck I booked an appt with Rianne. I'd seen Chiara and Filipe before and they are excellent. Am glad to say that Rianne was too. She found the source of the pain straight away and I had a good night sleep which was such a relief. I've had another appt with Rianne since and was delighted with that one too. My only reluctance to review Rianne is that she'll get booked up by Mandy
One of the best massages I have ever had !!!! And, Trust me..... I know my massages. Rianne was amazing and would definitely recommend her strongly to anyone and will be referring friends and family at any available time. Dominic
I've had regular sessions with Chiara over the past four months while training for a marathon and ultra-marathon. She is very good at figuring out which areas to focusee on and the results were so fantastic for both for back and legs it became a vital part of my training regime. Thanks Chiara! Logan
I have been very impressed with the professionalism and skill of Dev as a massage therapist. He works in a totally holistic way, identifies problems quickly and accurately and works with, rather than against the body. He is also a very pleasant person with a natural unassuming approach, who puts you at your ease and gives you confidence in his genuine abilities. He has really helped me with some long standing back problems, so I can highly recommend him!. Leslie
I had two massages with Dev and it has been so far the best massage experience I ever had out of many. He is very talented and it is obvious he is doing what he truly loves. I came with stiff lower back and tight legs and after both massages I felt immediate relief and more energized. Dev has unique techniques and he adjusts them during the massage based on the muscle response. As he gives also a lot of insights to what he is doing and very useful tips, I have learned a lot about my body and health. I have never seen such personalized and sensitive approach and Im certain I will come back many times again (I have already pre-booked few next massage sessions with him). Wonderful experience, I would truly recommend Dev to anyone. . Helen H
I had the best ever half-hour back and neck massage with Chiara over a week ago on a trip to London. She used techniques I had not experienced before - from her training in Italy. Made a fantastic difference to my neck and shoulder tension which I'm still feeling the benefit of. I will definitely book in again when in London. A great find and I can highly recommend Chiara. Helen H
I had a massage with Chiara on Friday evening (my second massage with her). I have been having issues with back pain for a while now. I must say Chiara gives one of the best massages I have ever had. She seems to intuitively know which areas need work and works to massage and aid those areas in feeling better. I definitely plan to have more sessions with her and would recommend her. Suzanne
Having a very physical warehouse job, I was having problems with a stiff back & aching legs. I decided to book a Deep Tissue massage with Chiara, & boy has she made a difference!! The lower back stiffness is greatly reduced from where it was & her therapy is making a real difference to my life. So much so that I have decided to make the treatment a regular monthly treat. David M
Wow the most terrific massage ever, Chiara is small however does she pack a punch, I was thoroughly massaged and walking on air when I left, I will be back, Chow Chiara Ian W
I visited yesterday having suffered back and neck pain for several years. I've had treatments from several other masseurs but none compares to Filipe. This is the second time I've been massaged by him and he is first class and professional in every way possible. I would highly recommend him Pauline G
Since my back has been stiff and sore from carrying around books and sitting down in the library since the beginning of term, I had decided to treat myself to a massage to alleviate that. Janine gave me a deep tissue massage for by back followed by a head massage. This was exactly what I needed to relax, and left my back feeling much better. On top of that, she was great at explaining what she will do before starting the massage, so that she wouldn't have to interrupt, which I thought was very helpful in allowing me to relax. Definitely worth it! Aga Z
Tui Na is new to me - I have a lot of treatments to try and deal with the neck and shoulder problems all us office workers seem to suffer with - Tui Na feels completely different. I am very happy to have found Chiara and this particular therapy. She is outstandingly good, and the very deep massage is both relaxing and energising. I visited yesterday in such pain that I could barely move, and today I feel like a new woman. Geraldine B
I had a fantastic Tui Na massage with Chiara on Friday. I had never tried Tui Na before and it is my new favourite thing! When I arrived my back was sore and stiff because I was so tense and when I left I just felt amazing. Highly recommended. Katie F
I am very happy I found this place because the Tui Na massage Chiara is giving is one of the most unusual, deep-reaching and relaxing massages I have ever had. Pain in my shoulder has been an ongoing problem which I have tried to battle with the help of physiotherapy, muscle support plasters, and different types of massages. Chiara’s massage is very different, and at the same time seems much more effective than what I experienced before. After her massage, my shoulder feels stronger, more flexible and less tight, the pain in my muscles has subsided, and for the first time, I actually think that my issue could be resolved with regular treatments. Chiara is a really lovely person, very good at her profession, with a warmth about her and a lot of care for her patients wellbeing. Thanks to the relaxing music and the fact that, while giving the massage, Chiara always makes sure that I’m as comfortable as possible, a much-needed treatment becomes a great experience. My next appointment is tomorrow, and I’m already looking forward to it. S Debo
Ive just spent the last hour having the most blissful and relaxing tui na massage with Chiara. I've had lots of massages over the years and I found her to be one of the most talented that I've come across. I'd highly recommend her and can't wait to book another visit when I'm back in town. C Griffiths
Filipe is the best masseur i know. He is the only one, out of many i have seen in the past, who easily targets my problems, fixes them immediately and gives you quick and long-lasting results. I feel straighter and taller after every session. He puts all his passion and energy into you. He really loves what he is doing and that makes a big difference. He's got a unique way of massaging by also using skeletal manipulation techniques. It's fabulous and it works. I love it!? V Apolinario
I was very happy with my massage from Filipe. He was very thorough and took the time to understand what it was I wanted from the massage (and I felt like he would adapt it accordingly). I have had a number of massages over the years and this one actually felt like it achieved something. I will definitely be going back! T Quinn
Filipe is a professional.I suffer from back and shoulder pain and Filipe is helping me a lot both with massages but also with useful tips to use in my every day life. His studio is very cozy and he makes you feel comfortable before, during and after the massage. I would recommend Filipe to everyone who wants to improve his well being. M Iodio
This might be one of the best massage I've ever had! I booked with Filipe to address long term niggling neck back and shoulder pains brought on by sitting at my computer station for prolonged periods. Unlike the majority of massages therapists I've seen, who simply work through a practiced routine, my hour long treatment included a brief discussion about where I had pain and discomfort, then Filipe left the room while I undressed and lay on the bed. The massage felt intrinsically different to any others I've had. Filipe applied light pressure to lots of different points on my body and magically traced back the route of my tension. At the tension points he applied a combination of light and heavy sweeping movements until the tension melted away. I fell asleep repeatedly because he seemed to send me into a trance like state, needless to say I woke feeling blissed-out and pain free. My review may sound a little evangelical but Filipe's treatments feel clinical and like they're actually improving the health of my muscles. I'd recommend him without hesitation. B Davis
One of the best massages I have had, and I have had a lot over the years to keep my ongoing back pain at bay. Filipe knows his stuff and seems to have an instinctual gift for targeting problem areas. After one session the pain in my left shoulder was significantly reduced and by the next session it had all but disappeared. Would definitely recommend Filipe to everyone I know. A Sym
I am very pleased that I took the initiative to visit Filipe Vieira at The Holistic Centre for a trial massage. The location is easily accessible and the studio is cosy and has a tranquil atmosphere with calming music in the background. Filipe is totally professional in his approach and a complete master at his job. He was able to "see and hear" with his hands, to tell where the trouble spots in my body were and make them melt away. The contrast of deep massage and light touches untied the knots and loosened the muscles. I arrived at the centre with an uptight body and left feeling relaxed, loose and refreshed. I have no hesitation in recommending Filipe and the Holistic Centre to my friends and anyone who might want a good professional massage therapist. I am returning for more follow-up sessions. V Bee
My back was very stiff because of the jobs I do. Filipe Vieira is very good massage-therapist and he helped me a lot. I feel a lot better now and I continue to book more and more of his wonderful massages. Thanks to his magic hands I,m able to continue my work. He is very experienced and the massage worth every penny. You must try it! D Bouklieva
Filipe has a vast knowledge of how pain can be controlled. I sufer from chronic pain in my upper spine. An hours treatment from Filipe makes the pain less and improves ones lifestyle. G Clark

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