Umesh Wadhavani

Umesh Wadhavani

Fitness and Life Coaching

With a keen interest in how the body functions and in awe of its almost mirroring relation to one's mental state, I pursued medicine to understand this in more depth. This gave me a solid platform of knowledge to understand the day to day functioning of the body and also made me realise how important the mental state is in order for the body to function. With a passion for health and fitness I ventured to construct a bridge through which one can attain their desired state of mind through physical activities. My genuine enthusiasm to help people coping with challenges of recovering from an incident of developmental trauma drove me to make this process as natural, enjoyable and highly effective.

After studying medicine, I also studied for a Masters in Health and Social Care Management in England prior to completing a Level 3 Certification in Personal Training and a Nutrition Advisor's course. For the last four years, I have been working with clients suffering from varying degrees of physical and emotional trauma at the residential facility of the Khiron House Trauma Centre in Oxfordshire. This has provided me with an excellent understanding of the legacy of trauma in the body and its debilitating symptoms and I have developed considerable skills and knowledge in applying the principles of fitness to assist the patients in their healing process. My clientele who have enjoyed this process and its benefits have often commended on my ability to provide them a warm welcome as well as spending a lot of time simply listening to them in order to understand and generate a structure that will work for them. With a genuine interest in helping and motivating people, I am dedicated and committed to use my experience and knowledge in order to reach out and make a difference to as many people as possible.

How I Can Help You

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