Karina Kozma

Karina Kozma

Massage, Physiotherapy, Personal Training

I graduated as a Physiotherapist in Hungary. In the last couple of years I have worked with Clinical Research Organizations that are committed to work with Pharma companies on developing new drugs to treat numerous different diseases. However I believe that diseases are better treated in a holistic way where we not only focus on the problem in the body but the entire organism including the soul. I also believe that we function the best way when spirit and body are in harmony. It is like a perfect team work. When there is an illness or malfunctioning in the body we have to find the reason by looking at both 'all team members'. None can work for a long time without the other being 100% well. Your body is a reflection of your soul, so please pamper both of them.

My passion has always been sports. I am a very active person (played basketball for 10 years, love tennis and spending time both in nature and indoor/gym). I've always wanted to treat sports injuries therefore I like educating myself in the topic. I specialize in deep tissue, Swedish and sports massage as well as sports physiotherapy.

I work together with the team to put the pieces together by sharing my knowledge and creating something big together. I am very much focused on the sports therapy currently but I am also open to other new areas. I am a life-long learning kind of person and not afraid of challenges.

I would like to help people to get the most out of themselves, not only giving them treatment but to have a special connection between us. I believe to be a good therapist you should not only good at applying the therapy but to make this special connection with your clients to be able to give them something extraordinary (listen to them, advise them, to be extra patient with them if needed, never judge them, find the best way to achieve their goals and always be there for them to help getting the best results.)


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