James Barber

James Barber

Counselling and Hypnotherapy

Everyone has their own calling in life. For me working in the healing profession is part of my calling.

I initially started a career in television, with hopes of becoming a broadcast journalist, but not far in to my career I began to feel disillusioned with the path I was pursing. Much of my childhood and adolescence had been spent pursuing the big life questions. Why am I here? What's the purpose of life? As a result of having a mother who was going through her own spiritual awakening meditation, writing positive affirmations and journaling was something that was practiced daily in my home.

I became highly intuitive and attuned to what other people were feeling before they told me. This desire to connect to a deeper inner truth, lead me on to a spiritual path of self-discovery. My life had always been heading in that direction, but as I moved in to my early twenties pursuing a closer relationship with a force greater than myself became the most important thing to me. As I immersed myself in myself, a whole new world opened up for me. It was like stripping back the layers, cutting through everything that felt inauthentic to discover the truest part of myself. But as I connected more deeply with my inner world I felt more of a disconnection with my outer world. The life I had created on the external level was no longer the life I wanted on the internal level.

During my time at the BBC I began to develop a yearning, a longing for something I couldn't see, but could feel. It was around this time that I started a therapy course with Chrysalis, not knowing that this therapy course would completely change the course of my life.

Like many of you reading this I had my reservations about hypnotherapy. My own opinions about it were shaped by the misleading things I'd seen on television, but my experience of giving hypnotherapy to people gave me a different perspective. Having practised meditation from the age of 9, I saw the link between hypnosis and meditation. For me the drive to explore the power of hypnosis was not just about reprogramming the subconscious mind, it's about exploring the mind, body, soul connection. I believe that the core of what I do when I work with clients is to channel energy to my clients.

To be the most effective in what I do I open myself to be a channel for something greater to flow through me. Whether I'm doing counselling, hypnotherapy, or recording audio for my hypnosis app, the mission is always the same and that is to be a clear channel because it's only through me being a clear channel that I am able to help people to connect with a higher dimension of themselves. What drives me is not just changing the way people think, or behave but in opening people's heart, and in creating an environment where people feel inspired to live with meaning and purpose.

For me transformation doesn't just happen on the mental level, it's happens on the intuitive, energetic, and emotional level. And that is where I feel most passionate about leading clients to, helping people to experience the kind of wholeness that will lead to a more self-actualised and spiritually-fulfilled life.

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