Filipe Vieira

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Filipe Vieira


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From a very young age I have been interested in the benefits of natural and holistic therapies. I remember as a child in Brazil, where I was born, my mum would always have a compress of comfrey grown in her own garden for whenever I had a wound from playing on the streets. She always had a herb for every ailment and avoided as much as possible treating us with pharmaceutical drugs - having raised 7 children (I am the youngest), I am sure she had a lot of experience to know they worked! She also encouraged me to grow my own herbs, providing me a little space in the garden, which I enjoyed a lot and motivated me to turn to natural healing therapies as an adult.

I believe we are all very complex systems that work in various dimensions (biological, psychological, emotional, social). Thus, I believe it is important to maintain a good harmony among all aspects of a person's life in order to achieve good health. If any of these dimensions is in trouble then the whole system will be imbalanced and the person fall ill. Holistic therapies, unlike traditional medicine, work by keeping a balance within our internal systems and therefore helping maintain a good relationship with the environment where we live and the people that surround us.

With every treatment I will be able to suggest ways in which you can promote and maintain your wellbeing so you can be in tune with yourself and healthy in a natural way.

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