Chiara Comoglio

Chiara Comoglio

Massage, Tuina, Cupping, Japanese Acupuncture

I'm interested in a healthier approach to daily life and have been since I was young. In my family we rarely used medicines and preferred a lot of healthy natural food, homeopathy as well as sports. In fact my mom was - and still is - a yoga practitioner and my father is a Tai Chi practitioner. These were my first teachers in my early life. I had a very bad allergy to dust and grass pollen that no one could cure. After many years some friends suggested to me to try acupuncture, I tried it and it worked great! Since then I have felt well and my allergy has disappeared. Thanks to this experience I decided to further my knowledge and I started to study Traditional Chinese Medicine and Tui Na massage in order to help people who suffered from injuries and diseases like the one that I had.

I graduated in 2014 in Tui Na massage techniques, TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine), Moxibustion, Cupping and Gua Sha. In the same year I followed a master in Japanese Acupuncture and Moxibustion and I deepened my diagnosis skills studying Facial Diagnosis with Lilian Bridges. I really believe that the human being is the made up of the many different approaches we take to life and that healthy natural food and remedies are a great way to prevent from serious illnesses. I also think that the body has to be maintained in a good shape thorough out movements. For this reason in 2001 I started practice Aikido and 5 years later I gained a black belt. Then I moved to Shaolin-quan and Tai Chi Chuan Yang style studying directly with Master Chang Yushin, and thanks to him I really felt the experience directly on my body the effects of such disciplines. So I decided to become Tai Chi instructor and in 2012 Gran Master Liming Yue certified me second level Chen style Tai Chi Chuan instructor as well as second level Qigong instructor. He then accepted me as indoor student in 2014 and for me this was a great honor to receive such a privilege.

I continue my daily practice with enthusiasm, diligence and perseverance hoping to improve my skills in order to be able to help as many people as possible and in the near future I would like to dedicate part of my time researching connections between acupuncture, tuina and heart related problems.

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